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FIFA agree on match-fixing investigation
April 2013, investigation operation

JOHANNESBURG (AP) - Three years after the first World Cup in Africa, the South African government will investigate allegations of match-fixing leading to the showcase tournament. The South African sports ministry, FIFA and the South African Football Association said Friday there was a "concrete conclusion" from the three parties on a long-awaited commission to look into possible corruption in games involving South Africa's national team just weeks before the World Cup.

"This long-standing open case is harming South African football," FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke said after a meeting with South Africa sports minister Fikile Mbalula and SAFA president Kirsten Nematandani in Zurich.

FIFA would provide "advice and support" to the South African investigation, Valcke said.

No players have been implicated in fixing, with suspicions centered on the involvement of now-convicted match-fixer Wilson Raj Perumal and his bogus company, which appointed referees for games and who may have manipulated them to feed illegal betting scams. Perumal has been identified as a central figure in match-fixing in other parts of the world.

A FIFA report last year found "compelling" evidence that some of the national team's warm-up games were fixed. The South African Football Association conceded there was evidence it had been infiltrated by match-fixers ahead of the games and some of its own officials are under suspicion.

Nematandani was one of five SAFA officials briefly suspended in the federation's initial response to FIFA's report. They were reinstated pending any hearings, but an investigation was tied down after the South African government and the country's Olympic committee became involved.

AP Sports Writer Graham Dunbar in Zurich contributed to this report.

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